St. Saviour's

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St. Saviour's Episcopal Church, Bar Harbor. Architects: C. C.Haight of New York City; Rotch & Tilden of Boston; Baker and Dallett of Philadelphia. 1877-1902.

St. Saviour's has been extensively redesigned and rebuilt through the years. The original building, now the south transept, was designed by C. C.Haight of New York City and constructed 1877-78. In 1885-86 a new design by Rotch & Tilden of Boston added the nave, a semi-circular apse, and the tower. In 1901-2 Baker and Dallett of Philadelphia replaced the 1886 apse with the current chancel, chapel and sacristy.

St. Saviour's is the largest church on the island, with a correspondingly large collection of stained glass windows.
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